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How To Use Minimizer for YouTube Background App

Written by hassanraza513


Minimizer for YouTube – Background Music

The minimizer for YouTube is very easy to use.

All main functions are only a touch away! Using the bottom Action Bar when in full-screen mode and the Floating Action Button when Minimized, YouTube Minimizer makes your life easier.
Now you can listen to your favorite music playlist, while playing your favorite game, checking your email, or perform any other task!

• Minimize
Minimize YouTube

• Ghost Mode
When minimizing isn’t enough, make YouTube disappear with Ghost Mode!

• Music Mode
Listen to Music only!

• Playlist
Arrange and Manage your YouTube Playlists

• YouTube
Nothing changes! It’s just like the YouTube experience!

With Minimizer for YouTube, you can enjoy your favorite YouTube videos on your phone or tablet, while performing other tasks, like browsing the web or checking your Facebook notifications.
Use the Minimize function to fit YouTube, on a small resizable and movable window in the corner of your screen! Now you can listen to your favorite music playlist, while playing your favorite game, checking your email, or perform any other task!


MiniTube – Minimizer for Video Tube & Free Music is made to help million of music lovers can reach millions of high-quality videos.

With the background player (Minimize Player in the background) you can use other apps while you continue listening to free music

The main features of MiniTube:

• Collection of trending videos
• Watch videos without interrupted by annoying video ads
• Add videos to playlists without login
• Switch video quality, 240p, 360p, 720p, 1080p
• Endless music streaming
• Closed captioning
• Search videos, channels, and playlists
• Access and manage your channel

———— FEATURES ——————

Minimized Background Player
in this mode, the app is minimized and the video on your phone or tablet is displayed in a small window in the background. So you can keep using your device while you listen to music

– Distribute music trend according to each country.
– Manage many kind of music for your discovering.
– Design friendly interface which is easy to manipulate, we can add any favorite song into your watch-list or play-list or remove them easily.

– Search best songs and playlists according to your requirement.
– Add searched music into watchlist or playlist as well as remove them easily.
– Reminiscent of ten keywords from recent searching.

– Use the best player to play video.
– Optimal player to experience and enjoy music in the best way.
– Choose any songs that you can see from your interface to activate the player.

– Videos are added unlimitedly into the watchlist.
– Sort video according to adding date into watchlist, duration, title.
– Search added musics from watchlist.
– Allow to add many favorite songs into any playlist.

– Playlists are created and managed unlimitedly.
– Add more videos into playlist from the watchlist.






Minimizer for YouTube
Minimizer for YouTube



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