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10 Simple Ways To Live A Less Stress Free Life -TO LIVE STRESS FREE LIFE

Written by hassanraza513

The highest honour for man kind is in Servanthood.

Don’t keep hatred or grudges in your heart, for it will turn in to a dark spot that can grow to a dangerous disease.
Don’t kill animals or insects without a real reason.

Don’t eat too much meat, and eat right food in moderate quantities.
Eat organic food, and the food in its natural season. If Allah meant for tomatoes to give you benefit in winter, He would naturally let it grow in winter.

Wear natural fabrics, not acrylic.
Avoid three things, Nylon, Hormone, Concert.
Live in the country side and avoid living in big cities as much as possible. Avoid city life especially at night.
Avoid crowded placed, such as shopping malls, cinemas, restaurants, and discos.

Men can go out in the day time for work and necessaries.
Men should buy all that is needed for their home and not let women go out shopping. It’s good for safety of women.

Keep the five prayers. Not one day should pass without your forehead touching the ground in Sajood.

About Islam you must leave is, why and no

Tariqa is, to tolerate and carry opposition.

At night time every one must stay at their homes.
In difficult times every one must sit on their praying carpet and glorify Allah and his messenger ﷺ. That is the safest place where no harm can reach you.

When you return home, take off the cloths you wore outside, and shower. While you are at home, wear the clothes you never wear outside.
Keep a charity box at home. Every day put even a small coin in it for protection. Sadqa (donation) protects you from hardship and makes you live longer.

Deal with every night as if it is the night of power, Laylatu Al-qadr.
Don’t get angry.

The best action is the one that brings happiness to the believer’s heart.

Get married.
Give your daughter for marriage and don’t delay it.

Never take bank loans.
Live according to your financial abilities.

Don’t migrate, it is better to eat dry bread in your own country.

Girls should not go to schools where boys and girls are mixed.

Go to bed early and start your day early.

Don’t waste your time with what is none of your concern.

Eat well, wear what is good for you, for life is heavy as it is. Don’t make unnecessary burdens for your self.

Keep Mawlana’s Prayer/Taweez protection on your heart at all time.
Drink milk especially at night.

Use olive oil in your food and apply it on your skin and body, for it is Blessed.

Use honey also for its Shifa, curing for the body.

Don’t store food for long time.

Do Zikr-o-Muraqbah at your home and Join the weekly Zikr-o-Muraqbah (Islamic meditation) gathering in your city.

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