5 New Bicycle Inventions You Can Ride Very Fast ▶ Cycle Rs.5000 to Rs.10,000 & Lakh

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5 New Bicycle Inventions You Can Ride Very Fast

Welcome to Hassan Raza. When I started cycling a few years back, there were a lot of issues that troubled me, But the main question I struggled with was, how to choose the right Cycle in India? So I decided to put together this Cycle Buying Guide for Beginners in India. The video will cover all new technology bicycle you must have.

5. Sway E-Bicycle

On a Sway, riders have direct control of vehicle tilt with their legs, through the patented linkage design. This makes riding a Sway a completely different experience from riding a motorcycle – or any other three-wheel design on the market. Sway can turn more tightly than a motorcycle, and riders don’t have to balance the vehicle or put their feet down at a stop.

All this along with Sway’s slightly wider footprint means that Sway is also more stable in low-traction conditions such as loose gravel, mud or ice.

Protected Your 👁 Eyes For Blue Lights Rays.

he Sway charger works with both 110v household current and 240v. Sway will come standard with an onboard 110v plug for wall charging, and there will be an upgrade option for the J1772 car charger plug that will work at standard EV charging stations. A home charging unit for charging the J1772 is available, and requires 240v current.

Much like a gas engine, this will depend on how you drive. If you are accelerating hard the whole time or going up steep hills, you will get fewer miles per charge. At 30 mph, the charge can last for 40 miles on Sway Lithium.

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4. 3D Printed E-Motorcycle

NOWLAB has developed the world’s first fully 3D printed and functional e-motorcycle, the NERA e-motorcycle by Marco Mattia Cristofori with Maximilian Sedlak! All #NERAbike parts, excluding electrical components, have been 3D printed, including tires, rims, frame, fork and seat.

3. Nireeka E-Bike

Nireeka is a beautifully designed smart e-bike with a carbon fiber frame and powerful motor at an affordable price.

Nireeka® is the smartest electric bicycle ever:
• Purpose-Built frame with hidden battery
• Built-in App (iOS, Android)
• Assist mode based on heartbeat
• Blind spot radar
• GPS navigator
• Anti-Theft system (GPS tracking)
• Autolight with 3 different lighting styles With more than 18 color options (normal/pearlized/3K) in matte and glossy.

Nireeka is a beautifully designed smart e-bike with a carbon fiber frame and powerful motor at an affordable price.You can ride Nireeka as a normal bike with the 10 speed Shimano gears. But the real joy comes from the 500w electric hub motor.

You can cruise smoothly through your neighborhood at up to 20 mph (32 km/h) and with the range up to 50 miles (80 km) on a single charge, Nireeka takes you further and makes your commute a pleasant experience.

Hydraulic Disk Brake
zero compromises on safety! Shimano hydraulic disk brake front and rear (The Homie model only)
and Shimano cable disk brake for the other models.

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2. Moar Bicycle

MOAR Bike is a lifestyle. At MOAR, we design our ebikes to be used everyday, not just for weekends, or just as a commuter bike. Our patent pending design is the first affordable full suspension E-bike in the market.

Two words, Ride and Handling. ALL Moar ebikes are equipped with both REAR and front suspensions, not just a front fork. There is a good reason that you only find rear suspensions on premium fat bikes, you have to design and build your own.

An ebike goes almost as fast as a scooter, up to 20mph easily (speed limited by state law). The speed is exhilarating but also turns every bump, pothole and imperfections on the road into bone jarring jolts, even for a fat-bike. We have decided at this speed a full-suspension bike is the only way to go.

A full-suspension reduces the wear and tear on your body and the bike itself by softening jolts and reducing fatigue on your hands, legs, joints and rear, even if you bike standing up. Significantly improving ride quality.

Handling. Besides the obvious comfort factor there are more important reasons that make full-suspension essential for any ebikes going close to 20mph. The rear suspension helps tremendously with traction on the ground and lets you keep control of your bike at higher speed, whether you are riding on pot-hole lined or cracked city streets or a trail with loose gravel, dirt, exposed roots. A Porsche won’t be a Porsche without great suspension.

While riding is a lot of fun, safety is also high on our list. We have integrated into every one our ebike a horn loud enough for people and traffic to hear you when you are zipping around at 20mph silently, or getting cut off by other traffic, built-in LED turn signals lights when you don’t want to hold your arms out for 30 seconds to signal a turn; and LED brake light so the riders and drivers following you know you are braking when you tap on the powerful disc brakes. All these standard safety features work off your powerful 48v battery, no more extra battery to charge or forget.

Should you choose to add on our optional Dual LED Projection Headlights, the wirings are all in place already, so no extra wiring hanging out.

1. Chita E-Bike

Chita – Affordable Smart Carbon Urban E-bike, 3rd prototype.
48V / 13.6A Li-ion Battery, 400W Golden Motor Canada Smart Pie 5 Electric Drive Kit, All Parts Shimano Alivio, Front and Rear hydraulic brakes (for final production) , Total Weight 38 lbs, Body frame Net weight 4.2 lbs, Front and rear lights, Water bottle holder, Comfortable gel saddle, rear mudguard, Shimano derailleurs, Continental Xking 2.4 tires, adjustable kickstand, high quality urban bike pedals.
Available in various colors.

The resulting bike doesn’t really look much like a cheetah but it is a striking-looking thing. The name is a bit of a play on words. Città is also the Italian word for city, and bike is designed as an ‘urban mountain bike’. The company is based just outside Rome.What’s going on with that frame then? Well, it’s a carbon fibre construction that helps to keep the overall weight of the bike down; Chita claim a 2kg weight for the frame but there’s no mention of an overall weight on their website. The diamond-shaped battery sits in the main tiranlgle of the bike. Chita say it’ll be a 650Wh unit which, if true, would make it about the largest-capacity electric bike battery you can currently get. It’s removeable from the frame and can also be used to charge USB devices.

In terms of actual power delivery the bike uses a fairly standard rear hub motor system. Chita say they’ll be using a 400W unit which would make it too powerful for the EU market (250W limit) and also the US market (350W), so it might be that they’ll offer another drive option, or possibly that 400W is a peak rating.The Chita gets some interesting connectivity tech. There’ll be a smartphone app which will be able to talk to the bike’s power system, and the bike also has an embedded GPS chipset which can send the bike’s location via mobile networks. So if it gets stolen, you can track it.

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