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Adaptive Controls – App specific settings Download Now

Written by hassanraza513


Adaptive Controls App


Adaptive controls lets users to set custom system settings for each apps individually, Adaptive controls can control system settings like Like brightness, volume, auto brightness, auto – rotation Do not disturb mode etc. dynamically according to the per app settings given by the user . Adaptive controls also includes many other features like Orientation switcher, Privacy warning indicators , Access logs , Routines etc.

Orientation switcher : This feature helps users to control their device orientation more efficiently and easily. this works by showing an icon on your bottom left corner when you rotates your device, upon clicking that button your device rotation will adjust and change to your device physical orientation. Orientation switcher does not uses any additional resources, since it only listens to the sensor value changes of the accelerometer. and accelerometer is always active on any android device. Though for some older devices without the accelerometer does’nt support this feature.

Privacy Warning Indicator: If any app is using your camera or microphone even when it is in the background an yellow dot will appear in the top center of the screen if the app is using camera. And it will turn to red if that app is using the microphone also. This feature helps users to know when their privacy is breached by other applications. users can take more care of their privacy using this feature. Our application does not uses any camera or microphone permission for this feature to work.

Access Logs: This feature is an extension to the privacy warning indicator, since the privacy warning indicator indicates when an app is using your camera or microphone in the background, this feature allows users to see the previous logs on which apps were used those permissions earlier.

Routines: This feature helps to change the ringer settings dynamically according to your location or based on a time set by you. Wifi based routine changes your settings when you are connected to a Wi-Fi network, This can be helpful for you if you often forgets to change your ringer modes when getting from work to home, or when going off to college.

*Warning: This application is now in the early development stage, so some bugs will be present if you face any issue on the app please make sure to reach and let me know about it.

**Note: Adaptive Controls will never collect data from your apps, this application does not use any sensitive permissions like camera access or microphone access. This service is simply used to perform its actions set by the user








Adaptive Controls
Adaptive Controls
Developer: NXET
Price: Free


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