How To Register IRCTC & Get Your User ID?

How To Register IRCTC & Get Your User ID?

Train Tickets

Do you also want to book a train ticket sitting at home?

Ticket?Are you anxious to book a train ticket by putting in a long line?

Watch a lot of your videos but if you do not get the solution, then in today’s video you will get all your solutions.

How will you be able to sign up inside the irctc app?

How will you be able to sign in under the irctc app?

How to book a train ticket?

How will you be able to book your train ticket in minutes, in this video of today we will know.

All the topics will be cleared in this video of today and we have told the whole process, so you can watch this video till the end.

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So first of all we are going to tell you how to sign up IRCTC app?

First of all, we will open Google Chrome, open a tab in Google Chrome, then inside it will open the homepage of irctc.

If you want to know the signup process. How to Signup IRCTC? So we have written the complete article, you can read the article by going there from the link given in the description.

First you have to click on the button of sign-in, then after that you have given the option of registration towards the bottom, you will have to click on the footer.

The signup form will open as soon as you click on the registration button.

now you can create your username and then you can type your first name and last name and some number.

For example:- hassanraza123

Then you can Password must be entered, Then you have to enter the confirmed password, after that you will have to select the language, which language you have read easly Hindi or English.

Then select your security questions and answers. then click on continue button

Now the second part of the form will open here. You have to feel very carefully.

Here you have to enter your personal details, first of all you will have to enter your first name middle name then last name.

You have to select occupation, select whatever your occupation is.If you are a government employee, then select the government employee or if you are not, then select the student option.

Then select your date of birth, After this, you have to select whether you are married or unmarried. Then you have to select the country.
then you select what is your gender Mail or Female.

You have to type your new fresh email address and dial the new fresh mobile number.

After that click on Continue, then the form for filling the address will open.
Feel the address well. Select the evening address. Then apply all the terms and conditions.Check the verification, then submit form.

After completing the signup process, we will know how to sign in.

How to Book Train Ticket?

Download iRcTC application Download link is in the below description.

Install after downloading After installing the application, you will have to sign in by entering your username & password.
After signing, your application will open, then you will have to click on My Journey.Now you have to select, you have to go from where to where.

Now you have to select the date you want to journal.You select Kota, which Kota you have to select General, Ladies, Tatkal or Divyang.

By clicking on it, now you click on the search button, now your result will be searched, whatever train you want to select, select it as your train.

Now you have to enter the details of the passenger, the name of the passenger and the window next to the passenger.If you want to select it, you can click on the add button.

If our ticket is confirmed, only then confirm the booking, click on this button, then you enter your mobile number, enter your address.

After verify human options, select click on No insurance option, then select 10₹ tex option, submit it now.

Now you have to select the payment method, then enter upi Bhima id.

I put my phonepe id and then open the phonepe , then after paying payment then successful your ticket will be booked.

  • After clicking on “Continue” button a pop up will appear as follow:
  • If the entered email id and mobile number are correct click “OK” button to proceed further for registration.
  • After clicking on the “Continue” button a pop-up will appear as follow.
  • Click on “Accept” button to accept the term and conditions of

How TO Singup irctc ?


  • After successful registration please check your registered email for your user id, password and activation link also check your registered mobile for mobile verification code.
Dear User,

Welcome, We thank you for your registration at IRCTC’s s Online Rail Ticket Reservation website.

Your user id is XXXXXXXX

Your Password is as you select at the time of registration

Please Click Here to login in to your account

You will use this user id and the password given above for all your transaction on The user id cannot be changed and hence we recommend that you store this email for your future reference.

If you ever forget your password in future, you can use the ‘Forgot Password’ link available on the Home page of the site. We understand that you have read and agreed to the Terms and Conditions as applicable for transactions on our site. You can now make up to 6 rail reservations (up to a maximum of 6 passengers per ticket) in one calendar month. We hope to offer you a uniquely pleasant experience in planning and booking your journeys with the Indian Railways. We look forward to having you use our services regularly.

In case you require any further assistance, please mail us at or call us at 24*7 Hrs. Customer Support at 011-39340000, MON – SAT(10 AM – 6 PM) 011-23344787 ,Chennai Customer Care 044 – 25300000.

*************************** Information******************************

For any inquiries or information regarding your transaction with IRCTC, do not provide your credit/debit card details by any means to IRCTC. All your queries can be replied to on the basis of 10 digits IRCTC Transaction id/ PNR no./User id. IRCTC does not store the credit/debit card information in any form during the transaction.


  • Login through the user id and password selected at the time of registration.

How To Book Train Ticket In IRCTC App

  • Put the OTP received through mail. The page appears as follows:(Email verified successfully)
  • Showing page as Email id verified
  • Verification of mobile number by entering the verification code received on mobile.
  • Showing page as Mobile verified successfully.
  • After email and mobile OTP verification, message “your account has been verified click here for login” will displayed on the page.




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