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How To Set Any Image As A Pendrive Icon?

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Folks many times you see that some people use a specific image in the place of Pendrive Icon. But we don’t know how to do this and to give a professional look to your Pendrive Icon. So to solve this problem of yours here I’m going to fully explain that How To Set Any Image As A Pendrive Icon? This will also make a good impression whenever you insert your Pendrive in your friends PC.

How To Set Any Image As A Pendrive Icon? – We bore after seeing something every day like our icons of pen drive, Wallpaper Of Desktop Screen and many more. Therefore to make your icons of Pendrive something different I’m here to discuss how you can see the desired image in the place of the boring icon of your Pendrive. You just need to read this full article and try to understand every part of a single line of this article How To Set Any Image As A Pendrive Icon? 

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How To Set Any Image As A Pendrive Icon?

Just follow the below steps to set any image as a Pendrive Icon:-

  • You need an image that you want to set at the place of the drive icon of your pen drive. I suggest you keep your image on the desktop.
  • Now right click on the image and select edit option. Then Save As the file in the form of BMP picture. If you don’t know how to do this then after opening the image in the edit form, click on the file option which is on the top left corner. Then select the Save As option as choose BMP picture option. After that give the desired name like Ulticate. Choose the destination Desktop to save the file and hit the Save Button.
Save As BMP Picture

Save As BMP Picture

  • After that create a text document file.
  • Open the text document file and there you need to add two line code that is:-


icon = Your_Image_Name.bmp

Note that you have to change the Your_Image_Name to the name that you have given to the image in the BMP  Picture formate. Here we used Ulticate.

  • Now use the shortcode Ctrl+S to save the file. Give name as autorun.inf and choose All files in the Save As Type. And finally hit save.
Save As [autorun.inf]

Save As [autorun.inf]

  • Now insert the pen drive of which you want to change the icon.
  • Then Copy Paste the autorun.inf and your image which is in the BMP picture formate to your Pendrive.
  • Now eject your Pendrive from your PC and reinsert it in your PC. When you open My PC then you will see that your desired photo is in the place of a formal drive icon.

Note that never delete the two files from your Pendrive otherwise your icon will also be removed. To increase your privacy you may also hide the two files which you pasted in the pen drive. To do so you just need to go the property of both files and check the Hidden option and click Apply and Ok Option.

Hide The Files

Hide The Files

This the whole process to change your formal Pendrive drive icon to your desired image icon. Read every step carefully to do this process safely.

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Final Words

Special thanks for reading this article How To Set Any Image As A Pendrive Icon? I hope you understand this cool trick to change your formal Pendrive icon to your desired image. If you face any problem in doing this whole process then feel free to comment down and I will try to short out your problem quickly.

Thanking You!

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