The Moon by 1-Ring is the most advanced and versatile Smart Home Solution and a Security Camera in the world.
It features a revolutionary stabilized 360° levitation technology and allows easy integration of modern Smart Home and legacy devices into your personal Internet of Things. The proprietary technology used in the Moon provides for a noiseless, jerk-free and fully controllable levitation that has no equal on the consumer market. The Moon by 1-Ring can rotate smoothly and without delay in any direction and is charged wirelessly for 24/7 uninterrupted operation.

Protected Your 👁 Eyes For Blue Lights Rays.

The Moon is the world’s most innovative Smart Home Solution. It combines amazing features with a revolutionary design:

  • Smart Home Hub with ZigBee, Z-Wave, BLE & IR Blaster
  • Stabilized levitation with wireless charging
  • 360° Day&Night Vision with sound direction detection technology
  • Temperature, CO2, Humidity and Light Sensors
  • No paid plans, no hidden fees
  • No wires, No setup, No installation


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