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Whatsapp New Secret Trick For You 2019

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No one will tell you about Whatsapp new secret trick

Hello friends, welcome to my website, today I am going to tell you about an application that you have considered yourself smart by using, friends, today I have brought this review of the application for you. That you will also be able to reduce it very easily and by using this application you can do two or 3 things at the same time very easily, this application gives you a lot of

You get advance option using which you can do many things very easily, friends, you can change the theme in this application, you can also change the back ground color, that too without any problem, you can have a menu bar in this application. You can create only those applications which you have selected, the menu bar will be visible on the phone, without any problem if you run whtasapp. also have to search the whole thing back does Hoke come back but to use this application, you can use this application as smart large easily be.

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How to download this application

Friends, to download this application, the man who is talking, follow the simple steps, so that you do not have any problem in downloading this application, friends, just download this application by clicking on the unique button to download this application. If you have any problem remembering Donald 9 from here, then you can direct this

You can download the application from google play store. To download from google playstore, simply you have to open your playstore, after that you have to give the name of this application so that you get that application immediately if you do not get that application. So you have to download this application by clicking the download button

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How to use this application

Friends, to use this application you simply download this application by clicking on the dawnload button and then download this application.

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Step 1: – First of all you open this application

Step 2: – Whatever you ask for permission, just allow it

Step 3: – Now you will see the option of a setting, simply tap on it

Step 4: – There is an option of Enable Toolbox, it is to be simply turned on by you, which will show a tool box in front of you.

Step 5: – Now you will have an option in this application by selecting option and tap on it

STep 6: – Simply select any application you want to use as a smart work.

STep 7: – In this application, you can adjust the size of the tool box and its color.

And if you want more information about it, then go back and watch the video.



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