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How To Keep Your Android Phone Safe?

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Guys everyone wants to keep their phone safe. So here I’m with a very interesting article in which I’m going to fully explain How To Keep Your Android Phone Safe? Read the full article if you want to keep your Android Phone Safe as well as secure.

How To Keep Your Android Phone Safe? – Every Android User wants to keep its Android Phone safe. And if you are also Android User this article is dedicated to you. Here we will see how we can easily keep your Android Phone safe & secure.

The only way to keep your Android Phone is by removing the malware and the virus. Malware and virus are the main cause that makes your Android Phone unsafe. They slow down your processor and they may crash your Android operating system which can be very dangerous for us. Therefore read this article till end if you want to make your Android Phone safe.

The thing you have to do to make your Android Phone safe is by removing the malware and viruses. Below are some easy steps by which you can remove the malware and viruses permanently fr̥om your device.

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How To Remove Malware & Viruses?

Just follow the following steps to remove malware & viruses from your android phone and to make your phone safe:-

  • Firstly you need to Turn Off your Android Phone. Long Press the power button to turn off your Android Phone.
  • Now reboot the phone in safe mode. For this, you have to long press the volume and power button together.
  • When the bootloader opened, then choose the option Restart In Safe Mode. After doing this your phone will be opened in the Safe Mode.
  • Then go to settings and then the Apps section.
  • Here you will see the list of all the installed application on your android phone. Before going further I just want to tell that the main source of malware and virus entry in your phōne is application. Therefore we uninstall the virus contained application in this safe mode.
  • Look at all the application and tap on that application that you haven’t installed by yourself. Then on the next page, you will see the Uninstall option, click on that and uninstall the application to make your phone safe. Note that never try to uṇistall the system application otherwise your android will be crashed.
  • Now reboot your Android phone in Normal mode.

In the case this option will not work in removing the malware and viruses then the final option that you get is the reset option. By this, you can erase all your data and you will get your Android Phone in a look of the newly bought phone. To reset your phone you just need to get to System Setting. Then after go to the Reset Option and click on Erase All Data. Note that always make a backup of all your data before resetting your Phone.

This is the full process by which you can remove the malware and virus from your Phone and make it safe and secure.

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