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SAMSUNG 1 Edge – Float Edge Panels

Written by hassanraza513


1 Edge – Float Edge Panels


1 Edge is a Floating Window Edge Panels application similar to Samsung Edge, which provides:
• App shortcut: add your favorite app and open it quickly on floating window (eg. Add YouTube, Facebook, Twitter as a shortcut to fast open)
• Countdown day: Add important days through the floating window, such as birthday, Christmas, etc. it will show how many days left until this day
• Drinking water: Remind you to drink water, at the same time you can also record the drinking time of drinking water
• Timer: Start a countdown timer very quickly
• Tools: Compass and ruler tools
• RSS Feed: Subscribe to the RSS Feed you like

1 Edge is very powerful, you only need to left and right to switch to different panels, you can use it in anywhere through the floating window.

Accessibility service:
This application has applied for Accessibility service permissions. You need to grant this permission so that the app can perform the HOME/BACK/RECENT button click.


Search no more – your next favorite edge screen and the most customizable multitasking sidebar on the market is here!
Panels is a side launcher on the edge of your screen. Our tool provides a quick access to your favorite applications, shortcuts, contacts, widgets and the app drawer. No more scrolling through launcher pages, contacts and settings, simply swipe the edge screen. Boost your multitasking and increase productivity!And the many ways to multitask is not all. Unlike other sidebar apps our edge screen has many features for you to customize. You can alter sidebar’s row and column counts and make the edge screen as big or small as you like. You can also customize colors and position of each and every panel, change icon and text sizes, set individual gestures for any app, contact, panel or tool.

Panels – sidebar (edge screen)

• Multitasking and productivity booster
• Works with any launcher
• One hand operation
• Always-on-top launcher on the edge of your screen
• Quick access to apps and shortcuts
• Edge screen gestures
• Folders
• Website shortcuts
• Widgets on the edge of your screen
• Floating widgets
• A-Z app drawer
• Contacts
• Notification badges
• Accessibility shortcuts
• System settings shortcuts
• Adjustable item count
• Custom colors
• Position – Left, Right, Bottom
• Icon pack support
• Auto-start on boot
• Blacklist
• Backup locally or using Drive
• Automation apps support
• Dark theme supportApps and shortcuts – long press and add any apps or your favorite games to fast access and launch them from any other application and without navigating through your home launcher. Boost your multitasking!

Widgets – from google calendar to calculators, add any widgets to the sidebar and launch them with a single edge swipe

Floating widgets – Launch widgets in a separate window on top of other apps, minimize the widget to icon size while browsing your device

Gestures – use gestures to trigger individual items. Or set a gesture to call any panel

Folders – group similar apps using built-in folders

A to Z App Drawer – with only a single tap, A to Z app drawer is the quickest way to launch installed apps

Contacts – add your favorite contacts to the sidebar and access phone, sms, email apps, Whatsapp and Viber

Position – place any sidebar panel on the Left, Right or at the Bottom edge of your screen

Accessibility shortcuts – this includes Home, Back, Recent, Power, Screenshot(Android P+), Lock screen(Android P+) and more

Notification badges – long press any app icon to preview notifications

Icon Packs – download any Icon Pack from the Play Store and apply all icons with one click or customize individual icons. You can also turn any photo from your gallery into an icon

System settings shortcuts – access system preferences with one click and without searching through the settings

Adjustable item count – change the position, item rows and columns counts and make Panels look and feel the way you like.

Color schemes – you can customize each and every panel individually or all at once. Ability to load and save sidebar colors.

Other customization options – you can customize icon and panel size, hide labels, haptic feedback and more

One hand operation – place your sidebars wherever you like, adjust the size and navigate with a single hand

Automation and third party apps support – You can launch individual panels using the shortcut from any third party tool

Accessibility API
Accessibility Service is required to determine the current top app when using the blacklist. Accessibility shortcuts also require this service. No user data being used or collected.






1 Edge - Float Edge Panels
1 Edge - Float Edge Panels
Developer: Ruffy
Price: Free

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