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What is it that you keep in your heart
but cannot say?

You have been in silence for days.

If I said a bad word,
may my tongue rot away.

If I broke your heart without noticing,
may my heart shatter.

If a bad word comes my way, I would rather
that it came from your sweet tongue.

You are my man, my hero for so long.

I never heard you say a bad word to me
and not even once you broke my heart.

Then, what is the reason of
your silence?

Since Suleyman Shah died, two winters
and three summers have passed Ertugrul.

We have never stopped.

We have never seen a peace of mind
in winter or summer hold.

It is said that a nomad realizes
their exhaustion when they get settled.

Spring is coming and bringing me
the worry of the road ahead.

However, neither I look for the light…

…nor the worry of migration
blackens my heart.

It is enough for me to be with you.

We have a few days
ahead of us to the new winter hold.

My uncle’s nomad group is near.
A safe place a couple of days away.

If we can manage to get through
this winter, the rest will be easy.

There will be nothing left to worry.

If God permits, we will reach
the homeland we deserve.

I do not worry for myself, Ertugrul.

Who do you worry about?

We gave a promise to Suleyman Shah once.

If he had any boys as grandchildren
we promised we name them…

…Gunduz, Savci and Osman.

That will happen as well, if God permits.

Blessed boys and girls
will bring joy to our marquee.

As I said before, Bey.
I do not worry for myself.

Then, who do you worry about
my gazelle eyes?

For our baby, Gunduz.

I am pregnant, Ertugrul.

We are going to have a child.

If my dream was right,
I will give you a son.

Thank God!

Blue sky above and the black soil below,
bear witness to me!

I am going to be a father! Father!

Stop. Calm yourself. It is too early.

How can I be calm, my gazelle eyes?
Our people were looking forward for this.

I wish, Suleyman Shah was here as well.

He would have been so happy.

Neither in the winter hold that we are
about to reach, nor in many others…

…do not make your son cry while asking
his father’s whereabouts, Ertugrul.

I cannot know the life that God
gave me or what lies in my destiny…

…however, as long as I am alive
I will not let you or my child…

…go through pain or hardship.
Rest assured about that, Halime Sultan.

May God keep you beside me.

It ends here, Turk.

If you wish your wife to live,
surrender yourself!

It is my last warning to you,
be sure of that, son of Bey!

Run to the horses
and don’t look back, Halime.

Inform my brother Gundogdu
to change the caravan’s path.

They need to come, help us.
Halime, run!

Do not let that whore escape, go!

Come to me, an embarrassment of Kayi!

Neither you nor the ones left
from your nomad group will be able to…

…reach the winter hold, Ertugrul.

None of you will be spared!

Do not let him escape! Go!


I will kill you, whore!

Do not kill him!

Bey Noyan wants him alive.


My Gunduz.

I will not let anything happen to you.

-Finally our paths have crossed, Ertugrul.
-Degenerate dogs!

All of your caravan tasted our weapons.

Kill me as well.
Otherwise, even death will not free you!


Noyan wants you alive.

You should be thankful to him.

You were the dogs of my ancestor
Oghuz once.

Russia, China, India.

All the lands
that Euphrates and Tigris quench…

…are now property of
Genghis Khan’s son Ogeday!

Anatolia is next.

You arrived at the last
point that you are able to go…

…with your few tents and little herds.

There is no way to run away from
Genghis Khan’s army!

It is over. Do you understand me, Turk?
It is over.

These lands are the regions that
raise brave men.

We die with pleasure.

However, we do not give up
on even an inch of our land.

We will make you bleed in Anatolia,

Then, you will understand
the might of the Mongols!

Get ready, you lazy men!
We are leaving!




God, please give me strength.

What is happening, Kaya?

Aytolun Hatun asked us to move these.

Open the chests.

I do not repeat an order in this nomad
group, do you not understand that?

Open it!

Take them back inside. Now.

I am glad that you let me move your
deceased wife’s belongings.

You should know that I respect her deeply.

However, I am the Hanim of this
marquee now.

If I am not accepted in this marquee,
how can I make people listen to me?

The woman who gave me life once again.

You are the Sultan of both my marquee
and my heart.

What is this impertinence of yours,

Impertinence is erasing my mother’s
memory from this marquee, Bey.

On what terms, are you able
to advise me? Know your place!


…as long as I breathe, those cannot be
removed from this marquee.

Then, you should know this, even the one
who goes against my will is my child…

…I will stop them from breathing!

Bey. Let me.

If our son Tugtekin wishes his mother’s
memory to linger in this marquee…

…we should respect his wish.

We should respect him
so our son Tugtekin…

…would respect his Mother Aytolun as well.

Is there any news from
your Aunt Hayme’s nomad group?

They will arrive soon.

Tugtekin cannot accept me yet, Bey.
It is not easy.

However, do not worry.

He will accept me as a mother.
I will do everything I can.

Please, do not suffer for this as well.

You have the burden of your people on
your shoulders.

As long as you stand beside me
like this, Hatun…

…I will never bow to anyone,
be sure of that.

God is immortal. God is the one.

My dear Mother.

I wish I had died instead, Mother.

Without you, our nomad group…

…this homeland has become
a dungeon for me, Mother.

The nomad group once
you spread joy all over…

…is now the homeland of dreadful owls.

Death claimed you before
you could see me getting married.

I could not make you hold your grandchild.

That gives me too much pain.

But I miss you deeply, Mother.

Miss you deeply.

Even if my spear shatters hearts, even
if my sword makes my enemies kneel…

…even if I gain many victories and honor…

…when you do not witness them
what good is it, my dear Mother?

So, this is the syrup that
makes a man a raging bull?

If he hears that I have done this,
Artuk Bey would kill me, Hanim.

As long as I am here,
no one can touch you.

Korkut Bey gets joyful nights thanks to
you, is that wrong?

Artuk Bey.

God bless.
You trained Belkis Hatun well.

She became as skillful as you at her job.

If God permits, her heart will be as pure
as her hands, Aytolun Hatun.

I wish that I knew you were coming.

We would provide remedy
to your worries.

Thank God. I have no illness.

I was passing by.

I wanted to ask for womanly
advice from Belkis Hatun.

I hope that you have
found your cure then.

I hope everything is alright.

Kayis are coming!

Kaya? What is happening?

Kayis, Bey.
They are coming to our nomad group.

-What is wrong, Aytolun Hatun?
-Everything, Artuk Bey.

Tell them to start the preparations in
the healing tent.

I smell trouble in the air.

Hurry up and help the wounded. Hurry.

Hayme Hatun! My God!

-Sister, what happened to you?

We were raided. Mongols.

-We are in pieces, brother.
-Damn. Kaya!

-Yes, Bey.
-Inform Tugtekin Bey.

As you wish, Bey.

-Wild Demir.
-Artuk Bey.

Artuk Bey. Save my daughter. Cure her.


In God’s name. Go.


-Ertugrul, Gundogdu, where are they?
-Ertugrul and Halime.

While we were
resting they went to the woods…

…and Gundogdu was gathering the caravan.

We did not understand what happened.
We were ruined.

I do not know who is dead
and who is alive.

Alright. Come. Let us go to the marquee.

-They will take care of them.
-Sister Hayme, come.

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