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Ertugrul – Season 2 Episode 2 watch & read story.







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-Bring some water, Bacis.

-Hayme, where did they attack?
-At the Cortuk Bosporus, brother.

I had never seen them so crowded.
Some of them attacked the Alps…

…and the others attacked women and

They were so blinded with anger.
They attacked like hungry wolves.

Kayi tent has battled many times.

However, we have never seen such
pillage and cruelty, brother.

Our women and children fought back
with weapons.

They battled courageous just like
their men, brothers and sons.

However, most people could not
escape death.

This means that the Moguls attacked
earlier than we expected.

Difficult days await us from now on.

Welcome, Mother. Aunt, I heard the
news. I am very sorry.

-What is the situation?
-Tugtekin, my swarthy nephew.

Thank you.

The Moguls.

I swear to God that I will make life a
living hell for those

who have done this to you.

Your Ertugrul brother and Gundogdu
brother will defeat them, if God permits.

Of course, Aunt. Of course.

What they said was true, father.

They did not send the best Ogeday of
Genghis Khan for nothing.

If they come, they will see, son.





-Halime, what happened to you?

Halime, tell us what happened, daughter.

The Moguls…

Ertugrul and I were riding our horses,

We came across with them.
Ertugrul sent me to inform you.

-Where is Ertugrul?
-He was battling with them.

I fought with the Moguls while escaping.
I managed to kill them and escape.


Bring some water! Give her some water!


Drink, Halime. Drink, honey.

Not to worry. Ertugrul Bey is not
frightened off by those dogs.

Tell us, come on.

I did not know what to do when I saw the
caravan burned and overthrown.

I went to the last place I saw Ertugrul.

Halime? What did you see?

Ertugrul had killed many of them.


I found his horse, not my man, mother.

I did not see Ertugrul either alive
or dead.

We did not stop anywhere.

We haven’t seen the light of day either
during summer or in winter.

It will be easy after this winter.

There won’t be anything to worry about

-I don’t worry about myself.
-Who are you worried about?

For our baby, Gunduz.
I am pregnant, Ertugrul.

I will give birth to your son.

You shall not make him cry

because of longing for his father

God! Do not let me die before
taking my revenge.

Dear God.

You are the one who granted
Ismail to Abraham.

You are the one who returns Joseph
to Jacob.

Please grant my daughter, my only
reason for living.

Do not make me live without her
in this world.

-God damn you! Blast you!
-Kill them all!

Stop! Stop my brothers.

Stop! Don’t do it!
We need this dog alive.

Do not do it! We need him alive.

-Hamza, you’re responsible for this dog.
-I will, Bey.

We must make him talk.


My son!

Thank God, you are alive.

Thank God, Bey. You are here.

Welcome, son.

-Where is my brother?
-We do not know where Ertugrul is, son.

-Halime and Ertugrul were ambushed.
-Hamza! Prepare the Alps.

We will set off to look for my brother.

-Turgut, Dogan, where are they?
-No news from any of them, son.

Come, get in the marquee.
We shall regroup and act accordingly.

Gundogdu brother.

-How are you, brother?
-Get well soon, brother.

Thank you.

We can learn where they are from
this dog.

You shall rest at the marquee.
I will take care of him.

Come on, let’s go.

I will break your fingers one by one
until you tell me where Noyan is.

Then, I’ll break your feet and won’t stop
you until fall to the ground.

Kocabash, inform me when he comes to.

As you command, Bey.

You will heal in a couple of days,
Halime Hatun.

Thank you, Aytolun Hanim.

He blacked out, I mean the snake.

We should make him talk before
taking the road, father.

It is obvious from his eyes that
he knows something.

What is the latest situation, Gundogdu?

We have a lot of martyrs, uncle. A lot.

The Ignoble! We can’t find peace until
we find and kill that heretic Noyan.

We must make him pay for what
he has done.

Did your attacker have a shaved head
and braided hair?

Yes, he had, Korkut Bey.

This means Noyan wanted Ertugrul alive.

How do you know this, Bey?

Some of the army attacked the caravan.
Some of them chased Ertugrul.

So, they know him. Noyan sent his most
trustworthy man after him.

-So, they were after us for a long time.

The Moguls want to know their enemies
closely like jackals.

They set traps and attack accordingly.

And they never enter a war when they
know that they will lose.

So, what are we going to do, brother?

Try to get information from that Mogul.

Who knows where Noyan is…

However, we must find Ertugrul first.

Tugtekin, prepare the Alps and explore.

If they took my son like you said,

will they let him live, Brother?

-Thank you. I will be back after eating.

Do not think about it.
I will do what needs to be done.

Water? Give me some water.

Who are you?

Are you the father of that burn victim?

What did you want from women
and children?

Weren’t the Alps enough?

We wanted to taste them all.

Old man, leave him.

Old man, leave him.
You will get me into trouble.


-My son! Thank God, you are alive.

Where is Aykiz, father?

Where is Aykiz?

Father, tell me, where is Aykiz?

Turgut Alp. Go to the healing tent.

-What is the situation, Dogan?
-It is bad, Bey.

We gathered the people.
However, we’ve lost many lives.

It was a blood bath.

What is wrong with Aykiz Baci?

They burned her, Dogan.

We must find Ertugrul immediately.

-Is Bey not here?
-He is not.

-Stop, you cannot enter. It is private.
-She is my wife.

It is still better if you do not enter.

My God!

Does one need a new country
for a good life?

A new country means a good life
for all of us. Mostly for us.

What have they done to you?
What have they done to you?

My God!
Almighty God!

We shouldn’t have left them alone when
they went to find water for the animals.

Do not lose hope, Dogan.

Ertugrul Bey is not easily frightened off
by them.

Mother Hayme and Korkut Bey
are having a meeting.

With God’s help, we will overcome
these troubles, too.

Haven’t I told you not to leave that
Mogul alone?

You have, Bey. But Kocabas was with him.

-Are you still talking?
-Bey, please, forgive him.

He has made a mistake.

Prepare the horses. We will take
the road.

-Did you hear me?
-Of course, Bey.

Things like this happen.

I do not deserve this, brothers.
I do not.


You know he likes you.

Bey does not appreciate those who
likes him, Selcan Hatun.

He does not appreciate.

It is heavy, right Halime?

Must be very painful.

What do you want to say, Gokche?

I lost Ertugrul a thousand times.

Every time he was dead to me.

And he came back to life again.

I suffered a lot every time he died
and came back to life.

You still haven’t given up on this love,

You only hoodwinked and kept quiet.


It’s been a long since I closed my eyes
and swallowed my tongue.

You should think about what you
are going to do now.

If he dies…

…I will not live. Not to worry.

I was told that you were tough.
But you fell into our hands rather easily.

Stay alert.

Don’t choke on what you’re eating.

I didn’t choke on the likes of you while
I was burning Samarkand and Buhari.

You cannot even be a fish bone on
my throat.

If a Turk hasn’t drawn his last breath,
the last words haven’t been spoken yet.

I will not ask for mercy before the angel
of death comes to take my life.

-Save it for Noyan.
-Who is Noyan?

He is the one who wants you alive.

Come on! We are leaving!.

-Peace be upon you.
-And peace be upon you.

Welcome Bey. Come on in.

-Do you have food?
-We have blanching and bread, Bey.

-Did you put zither and thyme, too?
-Of course, Bey.

-A little bit of garlic?
-You are a gourmet.

If you travel for years, you need to
become a gourmet.

So, Bey. What makes you travel like this?

The urge of possession, innkeeper.
The urge of possession.

What do you want to possess?

Everything you see.

They say the Mogul vanguards entered
our lands after Khwarazmshah’s defeat.

They are led by a butcher called Noyan.

That ignoble dogs have not seen
soldiers for years.

They have become crueler in time.

Sultan Aladdin will teach them
how to battle.

The cruelty of that butcher Noyan is

That bounder destroyed our brothers
in Khurasan, Samarkand and Bihari.

He burned and destroyed everything.
He raped our sisters.

We will battle him and take our revenge
one day.

What would you do if you saw him?

I’d love to rip his head off
with this knife.

-This will eventually happen one day.
-I hope very soon, with God’s help.

-Do you want it to happen soon?
-I want to kill that ignoble the sooner.

Are you ready Ulubilge?

You asked for it and now you got it.

You are one of the beloved subjects of

You must be happy.

Good. Very good.

However, there is something else in this.


Turmeric, Bey. It is turmeric.

Good. I’ll give you that.

I do not like sleeping alone at nights,
innkeeper. You understand me, right?


So, you can find me a beautiful woman,
can’t you?

-Do you have a daughter?
-I do not have a daughter.

This is too bad, old man.

Father! Father!

No, no! Father.

I’ll make do with you for
a couple of days.

I will wait for the guest Ertugrul, here.

These Turks do not know their friends
from their enemies, soldier.

Take the bodies to the yard.
Close the doors of the caravansary

I will wait for Tangut, here.
Put guards on everywhere.

-Prepare her.
-As you command, Bey.

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